Circuito Chico:
Enjoy the beauty of the landscape along the whole Circuit. There are points of interest and some natural viewing-points such as Lopez Bay and “Punto Panorámico” (Panoramic Point).

Here we find Cerro Campanario, located in the " center of the landscape " (Km 17), is considered by the National Geographic one of the 7 best views in the world.

Circuito Grande:
This tour will give you a general panorama of the diversity of landscapes around Bariloche, travelling above tourist "Route 40“.

It`s one of the most traditional activities realized near town, visiting other tourist centers inside the Nahuel Huapi & Lanin National Parks.

MOUNT Tronador:
Get ready to be amazed. It’s one of the most beautiful areas of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, where you’ll visit forests, lakes, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and glaciars as well as seeing the highest mountain in the area, Tronador, which rises to 3478 meters above sea level and forms a natural frontier between Argentina and Chile. Besides the magnificent scenery, there are unusual natural wonders such as the “black glacier” Ventisquero Negro, which originates from the spotless white ice at the top of the Tronador.

Note that on this tour there is a charge to access Nahuel Huapi National Park
MOUNT Catedral:
Is South America’s premier ski resort. During the winter season, a full range of infrastructure supplies services for skiing and snowboarding, perfect for enjoying the snow and the fantastic scenery. Several ski lifts provide transport up the mountain all year round. Hotels, restaurants and a range of shops cater for the tastes and needs of the many skiers and tourists from different parts of the world visiting the resort.

Outside the skiing season, you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic views, and in summer, there’s a wide range of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, rappel, rock climbing and trekking - just some of the options available for enjoying the mountains actively.

San Martin de los Andes & 7 laKES:
This circuit tour towards San Martin goes trough Villa La Angostura and continues in a wooded route that crosses rivers and creeks bordering the seven lakes (Nahuel Huapi, Rapid, Mirror, Hidden, Villarino, Falkner and Machónico).

Returning by route 40 crossing the Valle Encantado (Charming Valley)
Villa La Angostura:
This beatiful village is located just 85 km north west from Bariloche. It`s Highlights: Peninsula Quetrihue (where you can visit the Arrayanes Forest), Manzano Bay, the Correntoso River, the ports (8Bahia Mansa or Bahia Brava), “Selva Triste” lagoon, and the “Asunción” Chapel.

A few minutes from downtown you can visit Mt Bayo where ski runs in winter, and wonderful panoramic views at other times of the year.

Colonia Suiza:
“Swiss Colony” is a small village with great history, where you can see typical houses of former European immigrants who established themselves in the area. It is only 40 minutes from Bariloche and among its major attractions we find the handcrafted fair that opens every Wednesday and Sundays.

Don`t leave Colonia Suiza without trying the delicious Curanto and The Boccaccio's tastiest homemade ice creams!!!
Cerro Viejo:
It possesses a confectionery cafe with a beautiful panoramic view point to which one ascends by a confortable chairlift.

To descend there are two options: it is possible to choose for tipical mountain trek, or descend using a practical and fun slides.

Cerro Otto:
Cerro Otto´s gondola is only five kilometres away from the town centre.

Free transfer is provided by the gondola`s company up to the base of the mountain. Once there, the gondolas take you up to the gyratory cafe.

Cerro Leones:

On the East border of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, just 15 km away from Bariloche, This majestic rocky bastion was home, for over 8.000 years, to the first inhabitants of the region. You can see three ancient caverns, one of them 30 meters wide 130 meters long.

During the tour you can see cave paintings of more than 1000 years old.

The highlight of the tour is the visit to the third cavern. The cave leads inwards until you reach a small lagoon

Sail for 30 minutes over Lake Nahuel Huapi to Victoria Island, where you can find marked trails and cave paintings. The tour continues by boat to Peninsula Quetrihué where there is another major attraction “Los Arrayanes National Park”. A boardwalk leads through the magical atmosphere of a unique forest of magnificent "arrayán” trees.

Note that on this tour there is a charge to access Nahuel Huapi National Park (including access to Los Arrayanes National Park) and a boarding tax.

Puerto Blest:
The catamaran sails towards the Blest arm of Lake Nahuel Huapi, passing Centinela Island, where the remains of Perito Francisco P. Moreno, creator of the ational Parks, were laid to rest. An hour later, it arrives at Puerto Cántaros. The boat then crosses to the opposite shore, disembarking at Puerto Blest. Go ashore for a while to visit the place, and then return the same way to Bariloche.

Note that on this tour there is a charge to access Nahuel Huapi National Park (including access to Los Arrayanes National Park) and a boarding tax.

129 kilometers south of Bariloche, along paved National Route 40.

is located El Bolsón. Among other higlights, the Artisans Fair is anmissable (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), where a significant number of craftsmen, gather to trade a wide range of their products. Pottery, wool, leather and metal works, dry flowers, jams, fresh vegetables, knives and candles as well as cheeses and home brewed beer, are for sale in the fair.

16 Km away is located Lago Puelo National Park, where you will find the breathtaking Lake Puelo for which this park has been named.

International Andean Lake Crossing:
You can go from Bariloche to Puerto Montt (Chile) by ferry, crossing 3 different lakes nestled amongst the mountains and into the heart of “Los Andes”.

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